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For every camp we start our day off with some open gym time.  Kids will be able to practice and work on any skills or tricks.   Maybe they just want to play around and have fun bouncing on trampoline, climbing the rock wall, swinging from the rope and / or swings.   There's always playing in the bounce house or building a fort with your new friends or running the obstacle course.

After all that fun we take a little break and have lunch or a snack.

What did someone say POOL time.   Yes a couple days during the week we walk over to Keysa Pool.

If it's not a Pool day then onto the theme of the week:  


At art camp we will be using our creativity and imagination to do some fun and exciting projects like:

 Bubble Art, Tie Dyes, Rock Painting, Jewelry making & did someone say we're missing......................

slime making, independent drawing, coloring and painting? 

Nope we got those too!


At Science camp we will be doing some really cool experiments and projects.   

Get those safety glasses ready because we are going to:

* Build, paint and irrupt a volcano

* Who can build the biggest, coolest or most unique ramp to get their ball the furthest?

* Make Slime, Lava Lamps & Oobleck

* Some of the experiments are Coke and Mentos & Elephant paste

* Sink or Float game


Did someone say lets have fun????????

This camp is going to be a fun filled week of a little bit of everything from:

* Art Projects

* Science projects and experiments

* Cooking / Making our own treats and snacks

* Games


Love nature and exploring then this is the camp you for you.   We will be:

* Building fairy houses out all things found in nature

* How about using our creativity and imagination to build something cool out of recyclables

* Rock Painting

* Painting & Planting

* Exploring the great outdoors and learning a little bit of what it gives us and what we can give back to it.


Thinking that's all the fun we can have no way.........

What about all the "Centers" we setup in the waiting room on each table or the air hockey & foosball tables.   

Organized game time

Team building games and projects

Then there's Friday Pizza party day.  

Hope you come and join us for some summer fun.

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