Wojtek's Gymnastics, LLC

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2500 Commerce Parkway
Lancaster, NY 14086


Registration Fee:  The $40.00 Registration Fee is a one time seasonal fee that is payable prior to the gymnast’s first class of the season.  Fee is per gymnast per season and is non-refundable.

Tuition:  Tuition pays for your child's spot in his or her class; it's not based on attendance.  Tuition can be paid on a monthly basis or paid in full with a one time payment.

Monthly Payments:  Monthly tuition must be received prior to the end of the 1st week of the class block per month. Payments can be given to office staff, dropped in the tuition box, mailbox or mailed to (2500 Commerce Parkway, Lancaster, NY 14086).

Late Payments:  Tuition payments that are not paid by the end of the 1st week of classes each month will be assessed a 10%  late fee.  The 10% is calculated based on the accounts outstanding balance.  Late fees will be charged to each invoice for every month the account has an outstanding balance. 

Non-payment:  If payment is not received in time, Wojtek's Gymnastics reserves the right to deny gymnast entry into class.  Gymnast will not be able to attend class until outstanding balance is paid in full.  No makeup class will be given if the child is denied due to non-payment.

Returned Check Fees:  Returned checks are assessed a $45.00 NSF Fee. 

One Time Payment:  If you pay one full payment (Sept till May tuition).  Your June tuition will be free.  (If your child drops part way through the season, you will be charged full tuition for all months attended and only refunded the remainder of months up till May. You will not receive the promo for a free month in June.)   

Withdrawing from Program:  The recreational gymnastics "season" runs from September - June.  Any student dropping from the program must notify the office staff in writing prior to the 1st of the month.  If notice is not given to the office, the client will be responsible for the full month's tuition.