Wojtek's Gymnastics, LLC has been teaching kids and students how to perform gymnastics and tumbling since it opened in 2013!  If you are looking for specialized training, in a more individualized setting, Wojtek's Gymnastics is the place for you!

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Gym owner Wojtek Kruszewski is an accomplished gymnast and coach.  His coaching roots began in Poland, there he was a member of the Polish Junior/Senior National Team.  He was a Polish All-around Champion in 1978-1979.  He was also a member of the Polish National Team competing for the Olympic Trials!

In addition, he spent 13 years at a local gymnastics facility, coaching Level 3 Optional Boys and Girls.  His coaching produced State and Regional Qualifiers.

Coach Wojtek is a USA Gymnastics Professional Member and is Safety Certified.  He is also certified in CPR, First Aid, Sports Injury and Safety Drills.

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wojtek kruszewski

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Desiree Segool has been a part of the gymnastics world her whole life.  At 3 years old, she was introduced to the sport and retired at 13 as a Level 10 gymnast.  She has been coaching since she was 16 at a local gym.  She was the level 3 – 10 tumbling coach at her late gym due to her knowledge, sharp eye, and ability to describe and show how to properly execute skills.

As a head coach for the recreation and team gymnasts at Wojtek’s Gymnastics, Desiree enjoys seeing these amazing young girls and boys grow in strength, power, flexibility, confidence and learning lifelong skills that will carry on to adulthood. Desiree is a USA Gymnastics Professional Member and is Safety Certified.  She is also certified in CPR, First Aid and Safety Drills.  Her background as a personal trainer and massage therapist aids her in the gym with strength conditioning and muscle rehabilitation for the gymnasts.  

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