Wojtek's Gymnastics, LLC

A safe & fun way to learn all of your flips & twists


2500 Commerce Parkway
Lancaster, NY 14086

Gym Rules: 

Please review the following gym rules with your child.  These rules and policies are designed to provide a safe instructional environment for all gymnasts.

1.) Gymnasts will be called into the gym area by their coach at the appropriate time.  Please don't enter the gym area or use equipment without a staff member.  

2.) Please refrain from being late.  Tardiness can and will distract from the class and will not provide the gymnast a proper warm up.

3.) Please be prompt in picking your child up.  Children will not be dismissed unless a parent is visible to our staff.  Children are not permitted in the parking lot without an adult.

4.) Parents are not permitted in the gymnastics area during instruction, unless you and your child are enrolled in the Parent and Tot class or a coach has requested your presents.

5.) No food, candy or gum is allowed in gym area.   Gymnasts may bring in water.

6.) Wojtek's Gymnastics reserves the right to remove any gymnast from a class or program due to non-payment, excessive tardiness, that is disruptive to the class, behavior issues, disrespect to coaches or fellow gymnasts and/or not following the rules.

Dress Code: 

Female gymnasts:must wear a leotard. Please, no skirts attached and no mid drifts showing. 

Male gymnasts:must wear elastic waist band shorts, T-shirts must be tucked in.  No baggy shorts, jeans or zippers. 

Parent and Tot class: may wear warm up clothes without zippers, snaps or buttons.  

Everyone entering the gym:​   Grip Socks are required.   If you don't have grip socks we sell them at the gym for $5.00 a pair.  Grip socks are for their safety, regular socks are slippery and can cause injury.  

No shoes are permitted.

All gymnasts must have their hair pulled back & up from their face and back.  (Ponytail) 

No jewelry is allowed.  Jewelry may get caught, break or injure your child or our staff who are spotting.

​​Make Up / Missed Classes:  

We understand that children sometimes get sick, if your child can’t make a class due to illness please notify us prior to their class starting.  Gymnasts are allowed one makeup class per month for illness only if there is availability.  All make up classes must be scheduled within 30 days and approved ahead of time with the office staff. 

Inclement Weather Policy:  

Incase of inclement weather Wojtek's Gymnastics will announce closures of the gym.  Please note that the gym does not necessarily follow the school cancelation schedule.  To find out if the gym will be closed please watch your email or check Facebook.   If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 716-907-6875.