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Lancaster, NY 14086

                                                                        COVID-19 GYM GUIDELINES: ​

Updated 2/10/2022

The Erie County and the CDC recommend:


​* If wearing Face coverings they must cover your nose, mouth and needs to be secure. 

* All persons entering the building must NOT have COVID symptoms or any other communicable virus symptoms within the past 24 hours.

* All persons entering the building need to do an independant health screening - we no longer take temperatures.​​

* Waiting room will be closed to everyone except for the gymnast.  

* For the Parent and Tot class only one parent will be permitted in the gym area with the child that is enrolled in class.  No siblings allowed.

* For the 3/4 year old class only one parent will be permitted in the waiting room.  No siblings allowed.

* There is no viewing area available.

* Hands need to be clean prior to entering the building.   (Please wash your child up prior to coming to gymnastics)

* Hands need to be sanitized when entering and through out class.

* One parent to drop off & Pickup child at the door.   Parents should only be entering the building to speak to office staff.   We ask if you need to speak to the office staff that you only enter once all kids have been released or started class and the waiting room is empty.

* We continue to disinfect and sanitize the waiting room, bathrooms & gym areas.

* Doors that can be left open will be.

* Show up for your class no more that 5 minutes prior to.

* Gymnasts need to be fully dressed, hair pulled back and ready for class prior to entering building.

* Grip socks are required for all Gymnasts.

ASSUMPTION OF RISK: You agree that you have read and understand the above precautions being taken by Wojtek's Gymnastics.  You choose to accept the risk of contracting any communicable virus for yourself and/or your child(ren)in order to take classes at Wojtek's Gymnastics. You acknowledge the procedures Wojtek's Gymnastics has set into place and are willing to accept being exposed, possibly contracting and/or spreading any communicable illness in order to use Wojtek's Gymnastics premises in person.